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how it all began...

Dizz's Bagel & Deli, (formerly REAL Bagel CSL) began in 1995 and was the brainchild of Steve Dizgun & his father Irwin (Dizzy). While Steve & Dizzy were already involved in the REAL Bagel Franchise company they decided to build a bagel shop with a new concept. Up until then, all bagel shops in the city sold bagels, lox, cream cheese, milk, juice, etc. but that was about all. The Dizguns' concept added a new twist. Now besides getting your hot, fresh bagels and all the trimmings, you could pick up an entire meal from their wide assortment of prepared foods made fresh daily! One-stop shopping!


If you have been to Dizz's over the years, you will recognize many faces behind the counter and in front of the oven, some of who have been there since day one! In 2013 Steve's son Max joined the team as the store's manager, making it three generations of Dizguns now in the store!


Sadly Dizzy passed on early in 2017, however, Steve, Max and all the staff are very proud to carry on the traditions that he helped create. ​

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